Music Production, Music Composition, Sound FX

Music Production

In our 2 High-end Studios, we produce non-exclusive and exclusive music tracks, sound logos and sound for your videos with sound FX – You can request for this special service.

Below are a few selection of movies in which our music has been used:

Company: BMW

Music: Beautifiul Sky

BMW used our song "Beautiful Sky" for the premiere of their GINA Light Visionary Model with now over 8 million views on YouTube.

Company: ACA

Music: Along Way Home, House of Tales

ACA – specializing in realistic animated films – has used our songs "A Long Way Home" and "House of Tales" for a jet image film. We produced the sound effects separately from the image.

Company: Stay Gold

Music: Electropunk, Pump it Up

We have contributed 2 songs for the TV campaign "Don’t drink too much" namely "Electro Punk" and "Pump it up"

Company: Universum Film

Music: Clublife

"Club Life" (sec 0:25 to 00:53) really did well on the cinema trailer for the film "Sex on the Beach"